Optimizing Performance & Revenue

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By working for more than 10 years with many E-Commerce Managers, I realized that technical performance was always a touchy subject… Why?

Because performance issues go way beyond technical complexities. So technical that E-Commerce Managers need to hire an army of service providers (hosting company, agency, developper…).

Besides that, these providers tend to work against each other and there is no clear KPIs to work with. The aim of this eBook is to give you the keys to use Technical Performance to the advantage of your business.

You’ll learn the really high correlation between performance and revenue.

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“As a director of eCommerce, our conversion rate has always been my priority, but now I master how to use speed as a significant lever of growth for our business.”

Marion Hugé

E-commerce Director - UNKUT

“Real-time monitoring avoids us a game of ping-pong between our hoster and our agency, we can put directly our finger on a problem.”

Brice Nedelian

E-commerce Director - Cop Copine