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Is it necessary to start from scratch to optimize the speed of your site?

By Guillaume Thibaux

Has speed become a problem for your e-commerce shop? In view of this, you have two choices. Is it better to optimize your current site, to rework it to improve its performance, or is it better to start from scratch? There is no single and definitive answer to this question. The best choice depends on …

Une fois logué sur un site E-commerce, le client va moins vite !

By Adriane Muenier-Gaulin

Le temps de chargement d’un site internet est un facteur clé (sinon Le facteur clé) pour optimiser son taux de conversion et améliorer ses performances en ligne. A l’occasion du Bargento 2014, le salon dédié à Magento, Guillaume THIBAUX, co-fondateur de Quanta Computing, a présenté les statistiques de vitesse des principaux sites utilisant Magento en France. …

Once logged onto an E-commerce site, the client goes slower!

By Guillaume Thibaux

The loading time of an Internet site is a key factor (if not the key factor) to optimize its conversion rate and online performances. On the occasion of Bargento 2014, the show dedicated to Magento, Guillaume Thibaux, co-founder of Quanta Computing, presented the speed statistics of the main sites using Magento in France. In addition …

Why does a faster site make more money?

By Guillaume Thibaux

The loading time of a website has long been considered a crucial factor for performance. For an e-commerce store, loading time is an element to be monitored carefully. Indeed, because users’ patience is increasingly reducing, they prefer faster sites. If your page does not load fast enough for your visitors, they will go elsewhere. Find out …

How does speed affect conversion of e-commerce websites?

By Guillaume Thibaux

If you have an e-commerce site, you probably already know the basic rules that govern your activity. “For a product to sell, it has to be accessible.” This principle guides your choices in terms of ergonomics, SEO, and marketing. What if you add new data? “For a product to sell, it must be quickly accessible.” …

5 Tips for accelerating your site and improving the SEO

By Guillaume Thibaux

A website’s speed and its loading time are essential for a visitor that arrives to said website through a search engine. Speed is a parameter that can influence your SEO.  Google itself says it: “A site that appears in a search result with a slow loading time in comparison to other sites that have a …