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What’s Up Quanta #11 – A new alerting system and the famous OroCommerce profiler

By Matthieu Rosinski

It’s been a while since I talked to you about everything that changed in the Quanta app, well… here is an article that will fix this! The entire Quanta team has worked hard to offer you brand new features. So it was high time to talk about it. 😉 So here we go for the …

Quel est le meilleur CMS pour la performance web des sites e-commerce ? – Edition 2017

By Guillaume Thibaux

INTRODUCTION Le moment est venu pour nous de publier l’édition 2017 de notre étude “Quelle est la meilleure plateforme e-commerce pour la performance web?” ! Pour ceux d’entre vous qui n’étaient pas là lors de la publication du blog post de l’année dernière sur la performance web, intitulé «What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for …

What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance? – 2017 Edition

By Guillaume Thibaux

The time has come for the “2017 edition – Best CMS Platform for Web Performance” study! For those of you that weren’t there for last year’s blog post on web performance, titled “What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance?“, let me catch you up on the purpose of this little study of ours. …

Les 5 recommandations de Quanta pour préparer vos pics de trafic

By Guillaume Thibaux

Les premiers jours des soldes de Janvier ou des périodes comme BlackFriday, peuvent représenter jusqu’à 20% du chiffre d’affaire de l’année pour certains e-commerçants. Alors pour que tout se passe bien et sans plantage, voici les 5 conseils de Quanta pour maximiser vos ventes le jour J. Une mise en ligne “à blanc” avant 8h00 …

What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance?

By Guillaume Thibaux

Nowadays, e-commerce represents a key sector for companies. Last year, it amounted to $1,67 trillion of worldwide revenue. Most companies, aware of the importance of e-commerce, launched their own online stores. To build it, they often use a CMS (Content Management System), because it allows them to focus on sales, instead of on the technical …

Slow Magento? Six tools to test your E-commerce store’s speed

By Guillaume Thibaux

How much money do you lose every day on your online store?  If it takes too much time to load, even fractions of seconds, the answer is a lot (without even mentioning the impact of a slow webpage on its SEO). In order to help you with the evaluation of your current performance, here are …

How to perform a Magento Speed Test?

By Guillaume Thibaux

After meeting literally hundreds of E-commerce Directors, I found that many of them could not clearly answer that simple question “Is my online store slow or fast enough?”. They are completely unaware of their website’s performance, even if it is actually their responsibility.

Beware of the rise of I/O on an e-commerce architecture

By Guillaume Thibaux

Maintaining good performance on your e-commerce shop requires paying attention to all details. On the server side, one piece of data should be monitored carefully: the usage rate of the “Disk I/O”. The term increase of “Disk I/O” refers to the phenomenon that occurs on your server if it is not able to read or …

Performance Intelligence to Accelerate Magento

By Guillaume Thibaux

The speed of a website is an essential key to improve the customer’s experience and to boost conversion rates. Web giants have understood this for a long time now and they worship performance. Google is one example whose characteristically bare homepage allows an incredible speed. Amazon is also a king in terms of speed, this e-commerce …

Is speed important for SEO?

By Guillaume Thibaux

For your website to be well referenced you must make it easily accessible by search engines. You must “communicate’ with Google and its peers. But that’s not enough to have a good SEO. Getting good SEO performance also depends on the efforts on the speed of your site. In fact, Google thinks that site speed …