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What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance?

By Adriane Muenier-Gaulin

Nowadays, e-commerce represents a key sector for companies. Last year, it amounted to $1,67 trillion of worldwide revenue. Most companies, aware of the importance of e-commerce, launched their own online stores. To build it, they often use a CMS (Content Management System), because it allows them to focus on sales, instead of on the technical …

Slow Magento? Six tools to test your E-commerce store’s speed

By Guillaume Thibaux

How much money do you lose every day on your online store?  If it takes too much time to load, even fractions of seconds, the answer is a lot (without even mentioning the impact of a slow webpage on its SEO). In order to help you with the evaluation of your current performance, here are …

How to perform a Magento Speed Test?

By Guillaume Thibaux

After meeting literally hundreds of E-commerce Directors, I found that many of them could not clearly answer that simple question “Is my online store slow or fast enough?”. They are completely unaware of their website’s performance, even if it is actually their responsibility.

4 Magento cache systems to speed up your Ecommerce

By Guillaume Thibaux

Searching for new optimizations in order to improve the speed of your Magento-based website and boost your conversion ? You may want to start thinking about using caches. But first, what is a cache ? A cache is a technology used to save pre-generated documents and datas that are likely to be reused later on …

3 keys to a successful load testing with Quanta

By Guillaume Thibaux

Your e-commerce site is evolving.. so does its capacity! Numerous factors can have a major impact on the daily hosting capacity of a site: production works, changes in the database, increased traffic, addition of new modules, back-office modifications, etc. Sales (like all large commercial operations) represent a major challenge for the turnover of your e-commerce website (according to WL Panel, 35 …

Why Magento will remain the first e-commerce solution in 2015

By Guillaume Thibaux

Over the past few years, Magento has been faced with fierce competition. Companies such as ZenCart, Volusion and Shopify appeared to challenge historical actors of e-commerce such as Magento. WooCommerce, a plugin that transforms WordPress in an e-commerce store also knows a great success. However, globally, Magento is the most used e-commerce solution. OpenCart and …

Performance Intelligence to Accelerate Magento

By Guillaume Thibaux

The speed of a website is an essential key to improve the customer’s experience and to boost conversion rates. Web giants have understood this for a long time now and they worship performance. Google is one example whose characteristically bare homepage allows an incredible speed. Amazon is also a king in terms of speed, this e-commerce …

Clicking on the back-office slows down your site and your sales!

By Guillaume Thibaux

Improving the speed of Magento requires multiple actions that are often technical, but not always. In fact, the gains in speed also take into account your habits as site administrator! Guillaume Thibaux, co-founder of Quanta Computing, spoke during Magento Live France 2015. In his presentation, entitled “7 Lessons learned for Magento’s Performance”, he focused especially …

Improve Magento Performance using a CDN

By Guillaume Thibaux

You may have already come across the acronym CDN for Content Delivery Network, but do you know exactly what it means? Increasingly, Magento sites improve their performance by acquiring a CDN. It also seemed appropriate to describe more precisely how it works. Explanation… The problem with the response time of many media files On your …

MagentoLive: News about the performance of Magento 2.0

By Guillaume Thibaux

To say the least, the day was… intense! On February 3rd, 2015, Ebay’s team organized the first exhibition ever on Magento in France, the Magento Live in Paris. A total of 350 brands, agencies and hosts came together to share and discover the different announcements. The Release of Magento 2.0 Two of Magento’s leaders, Paul Boisvert (Head …