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Heads of E-commerce, it’s time to choose the red pill!

By Guillaume Thibaux

If there’s one thing that’s true today, it’s that there really is no shortage of e-commerce websites. So it is essential for Heads of Marketing to find innovative ways to stand out in this cluttered market. To achieve that, not only do they use their creative sides to attract new visitors, but they also focus on …

Les 5 recommandations de Quanta pour préparer vos pics de trafic

By Guillaume Thibaux

Les premiers jours des soldes de Janvier ou des périodes comme BlackFriday, peuvent représenter jusqu’à 20% du chiffre d’affaire de l’année pour certains e-commerçants. Alors pour que tout se passe bien et sans plantage, voici les 5 conseils de Quanta pour maximiser vos ventes le jour J. Une mise en ligne “à blanc” avant 8h00 …

14 server knacks to optimize your Magento store’s performance!

By Matthieu Rosinski

Welcome to the first blog post, in a 3 part series, about the little knacks that you could implement to boost your Magento’s performance. Web performance is key when managing an e-commerce website. Indeed, as you may already know, the speed of an online store is crucial for conversion, and thus profitability. Customers are less …

Beware of the rise of I/O on an e-commerce architecture

By Guillaume Thibaux

Maintaining good performance on your e-commerce shop requires paying attention to all details. On the server side, one piece of data should be monitored carefully: the usage rate of the “Disk I/O”. The term increase of “Disk I/O” refers to the phenomenon that occurs on your server if it is not able to read or …

Improve Magento Performance using a CDN

By Guillaume Thibaux

You may have already come across the acronym CDN for Content Delivery Network, but do you know exactly what it means? Increasingly, Magento sites improve their performance by acquiring a CDN. It also seemed appropriate to describe more precisely how it works. Explanation… The problem with the response time of many media files On your …

Adapt your site to mobile users with Page Speed Insights

By Guillaume Thibaux

Do you know Page Speed Insights? This handy tool, made by Google, measures the performance of a page on mobile devices and fixed devices (desktop PCs). Site performances are evaluated and a final score (from 0 to 100) allows you to situate yourself. Page Speed Insights and loading time  Page Speed Insights focuses on two …