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What’s Up Quanta #7 – Here come the new Dashboards

By Romain Lamaison

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally decided to make a new blog post about our exciting new features! It’s not that until then, no new features were created; but up to this point, our amazing (yes, amazing!) tech team has been working in the shadows. But, no more. No more! From now on, we’re …

Is speed important for SEO?

By Guillaume Thibaux

For your website to be well referenced you must make it easily accessible by search engines. You must “communicate’ with Google and its peers. But that’s not enough to have a good SEO. Getting good SEO performance also depends on the efforts on the speed of your site. In fact, Google thinks that site speed …

The 5 main reasons for the failure of an e-commerce site

By Guillaume Thibaux

The establishment of an e-commerce site may seem like a good idea but it’s not so easy to attract new customers and sell them your products. Indeed, 80% of entrepreneurs starting an e-commerce site fail within the first 18 months.What are the reasons for this colossal failure rate? Although each business is unique, we can …

5 Tips for accelerating your site and improving the SEO

By Guillaume Thibaux

A website’s speed and its loading time are essential for a visitor that arrives to said website through a search engine. Speed is a parameter that can influence your SEO.  Google itself says it: “A site that appears in a search result with a slow loading time in comparison to other sites that have a …