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Quel est le meilleur CMS pour la performance web des sites e-commerce ? – Edition 2017

By Guillaume Thibaux

INTRODUCTION Le moment est venu pour nous de publier l’édition 2017 de notre étude “Quelle est la meilleure plateforme e-commerce pour la performance web?” ! Pour ceux d’entre vous qui n’étaient pas là lors de la publication du blog post de l’année dernière sur la performance web, intitulé «What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for …

What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance? – 2017 Edition

By Guillaume Thibaux

The time has come for the “2017 edition – Best CMS Platform for Web Performance” study! For those of you that weren’t there for last year’s blog post on web performance, titled “What is the Best E-Commerce Platform for Web Performance?“, let me catch you up on the purpose of this little study of ours. …

+32% of conversion for Jonak thanks to web performance

By Guillaume Thibaux

The weight of files has increased significantly following the evolution of multimedia and web technologies. It’s quite logical actually: with better quality comes an added weight. And that’s why today, everybody agrees on the fact that the web is a lot slower than it should be. The increased weight of your files is not something …

How Footcenter gained 23% of additional turnover thanks to webperf!

By Guillaume Thibaux

Everyone knows of the correlation between the optimization of an e-commerce website, and its conversion rate. So, instead of doing another blog post on the subject, we decided to do a little case study of our own, to convince the last sceptics of the beauty of a performant e-commerce website. And when we say beauty, …

ETAM earns 20% of conversion by optimising its online store

By Guillaume Thibaux

Speed completely transforms how visitors interact with a website and how they “consume” a blog or an e-commerce store.  Need proof ? Let,s look at a specific case, ETAM ETAM’s page speed load time reduced by 700 ms Etam is a luxury lingerie brand among the top 5 sites using Magento in France, with over 200 million page …